Tha' Hood is the hood. Anything can happen there. Most people die before they turn 20 which is pretty funny lol. Tha' Hood is 90% African-American, 5% Puerto Rican, 4% Asian and recently gay businessmen have been moving in, making 1%. Tha' Hood was never made for white people, so why the fuck would you move there?

Origin Edit

Tha' Hood started when the whites kicked the black people out of the nice suburban homes and placed them in Tha' Hood. Some blacks made it out, others ended up dying. White people made the houses extra slummy for the black people cause that's life.

People Edit

Most people become ether rappers or rapers. Bling Bling Boy became a famous rapper, but ended up in Tha' Hood when his second album was TRAAAAAAAAAASH. Tyrone was also a normal black boy who ended up making it out of Tha' Hood with Bling Bling Boy. Starving African Child is NOT from Tha' Hood, he's from northern Uganda.

Kennedy Fried Chicken Edit

A couple by the name of Liam and Gabe run a restaurant in Tha' Hood called Kennedy Fried Chicken. The place is famous for their amazing chicken and fries. However there is always superheroes coming and trying to murder the two. There is also a prostitute running around the restaurant. Be on the lookout for him. Unlike Kentucky Fried Chicken, Kennedy Fried Chicken has consent from their chickens, and isn't run by greedy white people.

Kennedy Chicken Lafayete Street and Broadway

The National Anthem Edit

Tha' Hood National Anthem (AKA Ghetto Superstar) was adopted on June, 6 1998. It has been known as the greatest national anthem by some.

Tha' Hood National Anthem

Tha' Hood National Anthem. Ol' Dirty Bastard & Mya - Ghetto Supastar Official Video

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