At first, Cancer: The Series was just a run off the mill shitpost made by someone who was bored and desperate for some content. This is the episode that started the cancer. 

Plot Edit

The episode starts with Bigweld telling Rodney it is time for sexy time. Rodney and Bigweld engage in sexual intercourse, leaving the door open so Eggy Egg Timer can confront the two. Eggy Egg Time is pissed at Bigweld, and Rodney goes home because his Mom and Dad are waiting for him.

Starving African Child is hungry, and asks Bigweld if they could go get McDonalds. Stuart and Bling Bling Boy join, too. The gang run into a raccoon, and everyone but Bling Bling Boy is grossed out. Bling Bling Boy calls the crew "bitches." Stuart willingly fucks the raccoon.

When they arrive at McDonalds, Bigweld tells Stuart to stop fucking the raccoon, to which Stuart replies, "NO."

Inside, Bling Bling Boy, being the cunt he is asks the cashier to give him her pussy now. The cashier gets mad and goes on a rant on how she is having trouble staying financially stable by working at the McDonalds. The cashier kicks them all out. Starving African Child is pissed he couldn't get his McDonalds, and later dies of starvation.

At home, Rodney tells Bigweld that he is pregnant with his baby. Bigweld tells Rodney that they must run away from town to raise the baby on their own. Rodney isn't on board with the idea until Bigweld kills Rodney's parents with a shotgun.

Characters Edit

  • Bigweld
  • Rodney
  • Eggy Egg Timer
  • Starving African Child
  • Stuart
  • Bling Bling Boy
  • Lightning McQueen Car
  • McDonalds Cashier
  • Rodney's Parents
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