Bling Bling Boy is an asshole bitch who tries to take advantage and make fun of other people, particularly Bigweld. Bling Bling Boy is a rapper and gang leader. Bling Bling Boy also gets hoes and fucks them. They end up getting pregnant, and 6% of kids in the U.S have Bling Bling Boy's DNA. The guy is sicko mode.
Bling Bling Boy Rapping

Bling Bling Boy Rapping

Origin Edit

Bling Bling Boy was born in Tha' Hood. He was the only white kid living in there. He was often picked on by kids, hence why he always acts like a dick. Bling Bling Boy later got respect when the bulge in his pants grew 13 inches during math class. At that point, every girl in school would be getting fucked in the bathroom by him. When 50% of girls in school got pregnant with his baby, Bling Bling Boy dropped out of school.

Rapping Career Edit

Bling Bling Boy became a rapper after he dropped out of school. He friend Tyrone hooked him up with a record deal and Bling Bling Boy recorded his first album, "Bling Life." The album became an instant hit and hit Number 1 on the charts. Bling Bling Boy was satisfied with his career, and started fucking literally every female celebrity.

Big news came to him when he found out he had HIV, and instead of not having sex altogether, he decided to just not fuck 70 times a day and shorten it down to 60. For some reason this worked, and somehow the HIV blew away.

Bling Bling Boy recorded his second album. This album was shitty and was a failure, and Bling Bling Boy ended back in Tha' Hood. Damn shame.

Bling Gang Edit

After his rapping career sank to the ground, Bling Bling Boy started a gang with his old friend Starving African Child. Bling Bling Boy would always go to the strip club and had sex with every girl there. He met up with Bigweld, the owner of the club, to see if he could join the gang. Bigweld agreed, and he joined.

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