Sir Bigweld the 2nd (AKA Bigweld, or Daddy Bigweld) is a business man who is also a registered sex offender. Him and Rodney, who is 14 years old, have a relationship and often have sex. Bigweld ended up impregnating Rodney, causing Bigweld and Rodney to run away.

Bigweld is apart of the "Bling Gang," which consists of Stuart, Bigweld, Bling Bling Boy, and formerly Starving African Child, who starved to death.

Origin Edit

Bigweld was created in a lab by a scientist by the name of Dr. Weld. Dr. Weld has made multiple Bigwelds, but this Bigweld was the only one who made it past testing. After Dr. Weld died, Bigweld went into business. Bigweld owned multiple strip clubs. One of his frequent customers were Bling Bling Boy. Bling Bling Boy talked about his gang, "Bling Gang," and told Bigweld about it. Bigweld joined, and quit the adult entertainment industry to focus on Bling Bling Boy's gang.

Sex Offender Edit

Bigweld is a registered sex offender. While he hasn't raped any children, he has had sex with them, and the FBI got involved. Bigweld became a sex offender.

Rodney Edit

Bigweld met Rodney at the park. They first talked a little, but when Rodney's parents came over, Bigweld walked away.

After that, Bigweld started coming over to Rodney's house when his parent's aren't home. Often engaging in sexual activity. Eggy Egg Timer, who was Bigweld's girlfriend at the time, caught Rodney and Bigweld having sex and left with no remorse. Rodney ended up getting pregnant with Bigweld's baby.

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